Benefits of Clay Masks.


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  • French Green Argiletz Clay
  • French Pink Clay
  • French White Clay
  • Ghassoul Clay (Moroccan Red Clay.)
  • Zeolite Ultrafine Clay.
  • Diatomaceous Earth

Some good tips!When preparing for a face mask or body treatment.

  • Take time out to relax yourself and the treated area.
  • Make sure you have the right tools handy, such as a ceramic bowl, wooden spoon and a couple of bathroom towels.
  • Do you have your oatmeal soap ready to use?
  • Make sure you have enough clean spring or filtered water ready and a bowl to warm the water.
  • Maybe turn off the phone.
  • Do you have enough of your favorite Body Butter or a soft face moisturizer on hand.
  • Remember enjoy the experience!
  • You can find all these clay’s on the buy-online page

What does French clay do and how does it do it?


FRENCH GREEN CLAY French Green Argiletz Clay is the most absorbing of the Clays, it contains numerous valuable elements, which include magnesium, calcium, potassium, dolomite, silica, phosporous, silicon, copper and selenium, these are just a few of the well known elements there are many more. Green Clay increases circulation and balances skin oils, Green Clay absorbs dirt, oil and bacteria from your skin yet gently cleans the pores. Especially good for oily skin, it literally drinks oils and impurities from the skin and body.Other useful uses can be for sore muscles and sprains, bruises, age spots and minor burns by mixing a poultice and applying to the affected location.The absorbing qualities of green clay also make useful for internal use and can help and remove many positively charged toxins from your system, more on this on a later date.

How to make a poultice or face mask for external use.

  • In a ceramic or glass container (avoid metal) container mix clay with an equal amount of warm spring water (avoid tap water) starting with a little less water to form a paste.
  • Apply paste to burns, sores, cuts and bites to retard the growth of bacteria and stimulate the growth of healthy tissue. If the area to be covered is large wrap in bandages and leave overnight if possible.
  • For a Face Mask exfoliate your skin first, exfoliating your skin first prepares it for the mask ( we recommend a gentle exfoliate such as our Goats Milk and Oatmeal soap.
  • Place a small amount of prepared clay in palm and gently apply a thin layer onto your face. If you are using for the first time we recommend you apply to a small area for 5-10 minutes and if OK then apply to the rest of face and allow to dry for for 10-15 minutes the first time and increase to 15-30 minutes on further occasions.
  • Once the clay is dry rinse with warm water and pat not rub the skin dry.
  • Finish with one of your favorite moisturizes, you can select one from our body care range for a great finish.
  • TIP! Green clay draws its energy from the sun, if you have stored it away from light place it directly in the sun for a few hours, this will allow the clay to revitalize and increase the benefits for your skin.

How to use internally.

  • If possible the clay should be prepared several hours or the night before.
  • Place one teaspoon size (avoid metal) of clay in a glass or ceramic mug half filled with fresh water (once again avoid tap water)
  • Take the clay first thing in the morning or at night before going to bed.
  • The average daily dose is one teaspoon (1/2 for children up to 10)



Benefits- Can be used to cleanse and detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells and tone the skin leaving your skin with a overall refreshed appearance.French Pink Clay is a combination of both red and white clays.It is considered to be the mildest of all the skin types and works well for normal, sensitive and mature skin types.Its unique composition includes Kaolinite, Iron, Illite, Montmorillonite and Calcite.

For a face mask-

  • Add equal parts warm spring water to a teaspoon of clay to form a paste (avoid using metal).
  • Exfoliate and clean your face first ( we recommend using our Goats milk and oatmeal soap)
  • Apply the paste gently massage for 1-2 minutes then allow to dry. Leave for about 10 minutes then rinse of with warm water, pat dry avoid rubbing. your skin will feel soft, smooth and refreshed.
  • Finish of with your favorite face moisturizer.



A very fine clay that is recommended for all skin types, it is softening, soothing and calming with low activity, making it ideal for sensitive skin and safe for young and elderly.It is perfect for reversing a dull complexion, leaving your skin with a healthy long lasting glow.

White clay has a balancing pH of 5 and is composed of Kaolinite, mica and trace of Quartz, all naturally extracted from the earth.Whiten clay can help clean the skin of both the effects of pollutants and nicotine from the skin, one reason a clay mask can work for you!

Baths:  Works great if you add 2 or 3 teaspoons to your bath, thoroughly mix in while bath is filling. Soak and enjoy, for extra benefit add a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

For a face and body mask-

  • Cleanse your skin using our goats milk and oatmeal soap. This prepares your skin by removing surface bacteria.
  • Mix a even amount of warm spring water to a tablespoon of clay to form a paste. ( never use metal spoons.)
  • Paint a even amount of clay on the face, neck, shoulders and areas of body you wish.
  • Leave for about 10 minutes and when dry wash of under shower or use a warm cloth to clean off clay.
  • Use one of your favorite moisturizes to finish of and enrich your skin.


Glassoul Clay (Moroccan Red Clay)

Moroccan Red Clay has afine, silky and a hint of pink-brown appearance, the odour has a hint of fresh wood.  A delightful unique and luxuriant  superfine clay powder which is nutrient dense.                                                                                                            


  • High mineral content, especially silica which is known to help tone the skin.
  • High absorption ratio for superior detoxifying and drawing.
  • Gentle and softening to the skin, including sensitive.
  • Highly efficient at absorbing excess oils from the skin scalp.
  • For a face mask prepare in the same manner as all other clays.
  • Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.                                                                                                                                               

Zeolite Ultrafine Clay.

Zeolite is a Greek word meaning “Stone that boils” coming from flowing Volcanic Lava. Zeolite is a mineral that gives off negatively charged ions. It is this unique chemical reaction that helps to neutralise toxic matter and has the appearance of a fine, light and pink powder. A good clay to blend with other clays to boost their detoxifying abilities. Good for normal to oily skin when used on its own. Highly recommended for a detoxifying mud wrap.

Diatomaceous EarthDiatomaceous Earth

What is it? Diatomaceous Earth is obtained from deposits of diatomite, fossilised sedimentary layers of tiny phytoplankton called diatoms and found in lakes and seas. Diatoms are all single-celled organisms, small plants that photosynthesize, producing much of the worlds oxygen

How does it work? Diatomaceous Earth is a form of silica that can kill insects by desiccation and absorbing their waxy, oily outer layer. When this thin waterproof layer is damaged the insect or insect egg loses water and dies, the microscopically razor sharp edges which works as an abrasive sandpaper to kill the insects. This action is a mechanical not pesticidal one. In addition to its desiccant action it works by abrasively to rupture insect cuticles.

How to use on your pooch-Wash your pet pooch regularly with our Happy Pooch soap, in addition to Goats Milk and Tea Tree we blend the Diatomaceous Earth in with the soap this will discourage insects from making your pooch home, and assist in controlling and killing any existing pests.In addition to regularly washing your pet you can use Diatomaceous Earth directly to your pets coat or sprinkle onto the bedding, this will help directly in eliminating unwelcome insects and pests from your pet.

Caution-Ingestion of Diatomaceous Earth is not toxic to mammals, but care should be taken to avoid getting the dust into your eyes or lungs. Protect yourself with goggles and a face mask. Regularly check your pet for pests, lice and ticks check with a veterinarian if necessary.

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