AJ Bodycare Natural Castile Soaps

AJ’s Soaps contain only the ingredients listed under each image, and made from Olive Oil, Lye/Water or Goats Milk, using the cold process method (click onto the product information page for additional facts on this method.) The scented soaps have Australian and French coloured clays. They not only cleanse your body, but moisturise and scent your skin with either Essential or Fragrance Oil. Our soaps contain no harmful detergents, chemicals, Palm or blended oils that damage our environmental. Our soaps are not presented in environmentally damaging plastic wrapping.

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Organic Collection

Organic Shampoo Bar

A beautiful blend of Patchouli, Yang Yang, Lavender and Brazillian Purple clay is certainly bring out the shine in your hair. Why have we switched to Brazilian clay for our shampoo bar? Put simple Brazilian clay are said to have the highest mineral content in the world, a result of the rich rainforest breaking down over the echoes of time and mixing with the clay. Clays that richly fulfil a huge range of functions in our skin care.
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Organic Activated Charcoal

A truly amazing ingredient, activated charcoal has the ability rid your skin from powerful toxins, when used on your skin it will deep clean your pores and leave your skin feeling fresh.Can be safely used on ones hair to help relieve dandruff, redness and itchy scalps. Revitalise yourself in the shower with our new scent of Spearmint essential oil. Helps one to relax & unwind after a stressful day.

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Organic Frankincense

Of particular benefit to sensitive and ageing skin, coloured with Australian red and white clays, and then blended with  Organic Frankincense  essential oil.
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Organic Lemongrass

Lemongrass is known for been benefical for the treatment of tinea & minor fungal infections also a good aide  for oily or acne skin,  blended with French Green clay and Lemongrass essential oil. A good soap for normal to oily skin.
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Organic Manuka Honey 15+

Organic Manuka Honey 15+

Blended with Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Essential oils, then mixed with both Turmeric Grade A spice & Manuka Honey. A great soap to help combat the drying effects of  sun and wind. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that aids in the healing of wounds and itchy skin. ( For more information co to the Turmeric page. )

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Organic Hemp

Organic HempOur popular soap Happy Hippy is back! Blended with Patchouli, Yang Yang and Sweet Orange essential oils, giving just the right combination to give you a unique washing experience. Blended with both Organic extra virgin olive oil and Organic Hemp oil know for its outstanding properties Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids. We have also added with  Zeolite (Volcanic ash) know for its ability to absorb, store and neutralise toxins.
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Organic Patchouli

PatchouliPatchouli has a wonderful calming, sedating and relaxing aroma, know to help in reducing anxiety. The combination of French green and Australian Black clays gives a great silky wash while nourishing  your skin.
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Happy Pooch

PatchouliMade with Goats Milk, Tea tree and Diatomaceous Earth a fossilised marine plankton that provides a chemical free way in helping in the control of insects and other pests. Buy online

Goats Milk Collection

Nanny Goat Soap

Goats milk and lavender soap
Made from Goats milk and Olive Oil, excellent for skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis. Buy online

Organic Lavender Goats Milk

Commonly used for Aromatherapy during bathing for its healing and calming properties.Blended with French white clay. Buy online

Gosh (Goats milk, oats, and splash of honey)


A gentle exfoliate to clean and nourish your skin, made from Goats milk, Australian Organic bush Honey and Oatmeal. Buy online

Aromatherapy Collection

Frazzled Feet

Skin cleansing soap with green clay, tea tree and pumice stone.
A heavy duty cleanser for the worker who has their boots on all day! using green clay, Pumice stone, Tea Tree leaves and essential oils of Tea Tree and Peppermint. Buy online

Rose Geranium

Essential oil soap for a positive and upbeat lift
An essential oil originating in France known to elevate your mood and help you feel more upbeat and positive. Coloured by French Pink Clay. Buy online

Ylang Ylang

Ylang YlangGreat for keeping the skin healthy and glowing. Contains the essential oil of Ylang Ylang known to help with mental fatigue and anxiety. Coloured with Brazilian Black clay.  Buy online

Australian Lemon Myrtle

We use Australian Extra Virgin olive oil, blended with Australian Lemon Myrtle essential oil.Known for its calming and uplifting benefits, as well as its amazing antibacterial properties. Coloured with Australian Yellow clay and lemon myrtle leaves. Buy online


Rosemary, treated by the ancient Romans as a scared herb and was known to help the skin and hair to retain both its natural suppleness and moisture, has a good clean penetrating aroma, coloured by French green clay.Buy online


PeppermintPeppermint Essential oil is both purifying and stimulating to the conscious mind, peppermint is both cooling and refreshing, made with extra virgin olive oil and French white clay  Buy online


Spicy, warm, and sweet best describes Cinnamon, in ancient China was prescribed for just about any aliment, a great soap for Fungal infections and bites & stings, blended with extra virgin olive oil, ground cinnamon stick and French Yellow and Red clays. Buy online

Tea Tree

Made with Australian Blue Clay, (weathered volcanic ash) This clay is perfect for oily or problematic skin, drawing out impurities and resulting in cleaner pores. The addition of Tea Tree essential oil helps in the healing process of minor cuts and wounds.

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Classic Collection


Coloured with Organic Paprika powder, that provides a natural alternative in the control of body odours and leaving the skin cleansed and moisturised. The sandalwood fragrance is made from Cedarwood, Patchouli and Amyris. Buy online

Coconut and Lime

Coconut & Lime
French Green Clay is great for drawing out toxins from the skin. Coconut cream enhances the feel of softness and lime has a restorative and tonic effect on the skin. Buy online

Pure Olive

Pure Olive
Our low cost no frills bar made with pure olive oil and Australian white clay, fragrance free making it completely safe for all those with sensitive skin, ideal for young babies.Buy online

Scented Women Collection


An incredible duplication of the famous perfume by French haute couturier Thierry Mugler, the result is pretty astonishing. Blended with Australian Yellow clay. Buy online

Active Male Collection


Indonesian oil soap with Australian red clay
The masculine musk fragrance contains a little known Indonesian oil called “Jatamansi” Blended with Australian Red and Yellow clay, makes a excellent choice for those with dehydrated skin. Buy online

Shaving Tin

A compact 80g shaving tin for the Active male on the move. Made from olive oil, coconut cream, French green clay, lime essential oil and coconut fragrance. A essential companion for the active male.
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Forest Scents Guest Soap

Forest Tones

Enjoy a walk in the forest each time you have a shower  using our Cedarwood & Eucalyptus blended essential oil soap. Coloured with French Pink clay and extra-virgin olive oil.
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Lemon Scented Tea Tree Guest Soap

Sweet, sharp, clear and citrusy leaving your hands feeling clean and scented. Its fragrance is invigorating, enhancing and warming, blended with extra virgin olive oil and French Yellow clay. Buy online


French Green Clay


100g size
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French Pink Clay


100g size
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French White Clay


100g size
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Wooden Spoon

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Loof Pad

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