8th May 2017


I was only thinking the other day “I hope they bring out charcoal soap and then I received this email, can’t wait to try it. Putting my order in today. Love your soap, not drying at all, even on my face which is sensitive.

Louise. Maroubra NSW

10th July 2016

I love the moisturiser I purchased from you this morning, applied it on my face as we speak. I hope to to be a retuning customer. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your complimentary soap

Deborah. Gold Coast QLD.

20th October 2015

Hi Ann & John

Just received my order, thanks for the great service, and a easy to use website! I love the Lavender Face & Body cream, also just trying for the first time your lip balm its very nice, and of course love your soaps! Many thanks for the complimentary soaps.

Kind regards Dianne, Gold Coast QLD.

14th January 2015

Hi AJBodycare,

I just want to say a huge thank you for your quick delivery of your products! Have already tried almost everything I had purchased, and they are better than I expected. Their was a sample pack of the ” Angle Body Lotion” it smells absolutely amazing and my skin feels fantastic. Its already on my list to buy next time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lauren Hilton


6th January 2015

Hi Ann and John,

I recently ordered your shampoo soap bar and it is beautiful! I used to have really thick and curly hair when I was in primary school, but it went straight and flat after quite a large haircut. Your soap has made my hair luscious and curly again, thank you very much! It also has a lovely scent-it reminds me of the sea or one of those nice gift shops you visit when on holidays  at the beach. Thank you once again and I will be sure to spread the word about your lovely business and products.

From Michaela Dubbo NSW

2nd September 2014

Hey Eddie, I just love your soap and its so good for my skin. This time of year me and my brother get dry itchy skin and its basically gone thank you to your home creation. I was wondering if I can get 4 bars off you? 2 for my brother to help his skin and 1 for my grandmother, and of course another for me. No rush just when your down next. Thank you, let me know how much $$. Hope the family is well, you doing any dives lately?

Kristie Morgan (Kirra Dive)

28th July 2014

Hey Eddie! hows things buddy? hey I was just writing for 2 things, first I would seriously like to buy some of that Manuka honey soap you gave me! I swear I felt like a new man after every shower! let me know if I can send you card details or pay cash! let me know!!! secondly a couple of the guys from the Big Cat trip and I might be going to Julian rocks next Sunday, just seeing if you wanna come along! if the weather isn’t s**** it should be a pretty good time! the grey nurse will be their for sure!!

Pedro Wilson (from Kirra Dive club)

8th July/2014

Just wanted to let you know my package arrived safely yesterday. I gave one of the soaps to a girlfriend and she has already come back to me this morning to say how nice her face feels!

Thank you so much for all your help and thank you for the guest soaps and the sample of lotion, it smells wonderful!

Cheers Nicky


30th June/2014

I was on holiday in Qld recently & found you at the Mount Tambourine markets & purchased a bar of your organic olive oil soap. It was fantastic!! Firstly, thank you, thank you, thank you! Secondly I can’t find it on this site I remember you had the plain olive oil soap at the organic olive oil soap which I purchased. Can I not get the same as purchased over the net? I was really impressed with it but wanted to check what the difference was before ordering more please? Thanks again, looking forward to your reply.

Nicole, Sydney 

Note – all has been resolved, AJBodycare


The happy pooch dog soap is the best! It is the only product that helps heal my Jack Russell’s skin. It smells beautiful and makes her fur so fluffy and white.

Thank you Terry Chad Gold Coast.


My girlfriend buys your soap from the Nerang markets and raves about them can’t wait to try them.

Thank you Rhonda Lewis, Bundaberg North QLD. 


Hi there, do you sell your French white clay online? I couldn’t seem to find it.

Regards Andrea, Brisbane.


Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate you slipping in some French white clay- my 17 year old son has been using this for his skin and its working!

Kind regards, Andrea Brisbane.


Hi AJ, I just want to say thanks very much for the wonderful body butters. They are the best I have found in many years. The ingredients are so natural, they smell great ( my favourite is lime and coconut) and they nourish my skin like no other cream. Thanks also for the unexpected lovely soap and frankincense lotion sample- much appreciated. Quick delivery too,  I only ordered them yesterday!

Lyn, Gold Coast Qld. 


Hi Ann, received my lovely soaps and creams today and want to say a big thank you for the complimentary gifts. The Angel lotion is beautiful. I will have to order those also next time! Have a great week week



We purchased your soap at Pottsville market and have found our skin is soft, smooth and glowing. Your Goats milk soap has assisted my husbands rash that no other product has been able to achieve. We will be purchasing your product on line as we live in Qld. Thank you for your wonderful natural products and saving the planet .Suzie and Rob Rye Qld. 


A work colleague showed me your cream and told me about your soaps, I am looking forward to trying my own. Her name is Anne Storey, and she could not praise your products enough. Nothing like word of mouth.Anna Sain Newcastle NSW


Hi AJ so happy with your soaps & body lotion! Just want to thank you for the sample of lemon myrtle scrub! I am soooo impressed, its amazing makes my skin feel really soft & moisturized will be getting a tub next time I go to the market, Cheers from very happy Dianne Barsch Pacific Pines Qld.


Hi Ann, thank you so much for my beautiful soaps and cream-they have arrived already. Will hold off using the rose/geranium one-even though it is mu favourite! Thanks again, Priscilla Boonah Queensland.


Hi AJ, unfortunately I can’t make it to the market after all, but would really appreciate it if you would please post a coconut and lime body butter to me. I will order it on your website. Your creams are the best. Lyn Pollock Gold Coast.


“AJ Body Care products are simply divine! My partner brought a selection of their bars and soaps home and I was very impressed to learn that they use olive oil instead of palm oil. My favourite is the goat’s milk soap. It’s so creamy and moisturising, I even use it to clean my face! Thankyou SO much Ann and John, I will definitely be buying more!”

– Bianca, Byron Bay NSW


“I have been using AJ Body Care products for about 2 years now and absolutely love it. My favourites are the hand and body lotion in the Happy Hippy scent although the sweet cakes scent is a close second. The handmade olive oil soaps are beautiful and last forever with different fragrances to choose from which are sure to please everyone. Great products at an affordable price.”

– Amy, Sydney NSW


Being a highly allergy sensitive person, I’m constantly searching for body care products that don’t use chemicals or hidden ingredients. When I came across AJ’s goat soap, I gave it a go and was stoked! It’s such a smooth comfy soap, and since I’ve switched from generic consumer soap brands to AJ’s, my skin has felt much better and my allergies have practically disappeared. At my house we love it so much we make clothes washing detergent from it! Thanks so much guys, I’ll be back for more and more!!”

– Tane Richardson, Kingscliff NSW


I must of had a horrified look on my face when Ann suggested I use the goats milk soap on my hair. I have recently developed an allergic reaction to shampoo and have been investing a small fortune trying to find an alternative. It felt wrong to rub a cake of soap in my hair though I felt relief after one wash and after a week my scalp is healthy again. My hair is below my shoulders so I use an organic conditioner on the ends. Thanks Ann & John for all your help

Paula Bond Burleigh Gold Coast QLD


I have been treating sun spots with efudix cream, very painfull indeed, I have found your hand and body lotion the only moisturizer I can tolerate while it is so raw, just shows me how natural it is! Welldone! So I am running out, could I order 6 tubes, and its the Happy Hippy one I love.

-Cheers Michelle Wollongong. NSW


Hi guys, I would just like to say you have found yourselves another faithful customer. I have purchased your skincare products 3 times now from your stall at the Pottsville markets…. I very much love the “Happy Hippy” creams and the body scrub is luxurious and the rose geranium soap is my favourite. My skin is feeling amazing sooooo much better than the supermarket brand products I’ve been using on my skin…. my skin feels like it has been fed nutritional food. Love your products.

Thanks Astra Pottsville NSW

Hello, my mother in law and I recently met you at Pottsville market, whilst on holidays.We purchased a few of your soaps and would just like to give you some feedback on your products.My husband has suffered red flaky skin on his face for years and your soap is nothing short of a miracle cure for him. I’m a little jealous of how youthful his skin is looking now. Brilliant results. Also one of our little dogs has suffered hot spots for the last five years, and the Happy pooch soap left his skin cool to touch almost immediately. He has even regrown the hair on his lower back, where he would sit and lick for hours. We are so impressed and look forward to being regulars on your delivery schedule! Thanks again!

Philip and Benda Lalor Park Sydney


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