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Note for overseas buyers: We can now accept your payment using our Pay Pal option on our buy-online page, just select your purchases and pay for them using your pay pal a/c or using your Debit or Credit card. We will then calculate the freight cost and then send you a request for the difference, if you do not wish to proceed we will issue you a refund.

Depending on the country you live in up 500g costs approx. $18. After that the cost starts to rise our soaps weigh approx 105g each, if you wish to you can email us first with your request and we can then quote your freight cost before proceeding.

19th June 2018

Welcome once again to our news page.For the months of June & July we will be including free of charge for every order  $25 or more one our most popular soaps Frazzled Feet,

Made with Australian Green clay, Pumice stone, Sumac spice, Essential oils of Tea Tree & Peppermint and extra-virgin olive oil. This one helps to rid one of those dry skin spots that occur during these long winter months, use all over as a excellent exfoliate for your skin. Hope to hear from you soon!


10th April 2018

Welcome to autumn, For the months of April & May we will be including with each order of $25 or more a free bar of our popular Patchouli soap, made with French green clay, Australian black clay and pure Patchouli essential oil, a great way to relax and unwind while having a shower.

Love to hear from you soon!


30th January 2018

Welcome to 2018 and already we have seen the month of January go by. The versatility of black clay makes it an indispensable means for the cosmetic care of any type of skin, black clay will always come to the rescue, its mineral composition ( strontium, calcium, silica, magnesium and iron) is actively involved in cellular processes.

Ylang Ylang essential oil properties are well known to restore emotional balance, anxiety and mental fatigue just to name a few. During the months of February & March you can receive free one of how Ylang Ylang & Black clay soaps when you spend $25 or more on our web site. From all of us here at AJBodycare we wish you the best for 2018!

30th November 2017

Wow end of year just one month away! Looking for that perfect yet inexpensive gift? well look no further, AJBodycare have that perfect gift that is just right for any occasion and has the benefit that is just right for anyones body.

As our gift to you during the hot & muggy summer months of December 2017- January 2018 is one of our most popular soaps Sandalwood, Coloured by natural Paprika powder makes Sandalwood it a great soap for exfoliating your skin as well as acting as a natural body deodorant for the summer months.

Our give to you during December – January when you spend $25 or more on our web page. Don’t forget to allow extra time for delivery during these busy months and most important stay safe.

1st October 2017

This is a great soap for anyone in the family who has oily or acne skin as the combination of both French green clay and Lemongrass essential oil help remove dirt and excess oil from the skin pores. Suitable for both normal and oily skin.

Spend $25 or more on our web site during October & November and we will send one to for no cost.


1st August 2017


  Finding the dry winter sun is leaving your skin feeling dry? Try our popular  Jatamasi olive oil bars for free when you spend $25 or more on our web site during the months of August – September. Red clay is know for its high oxygen content helping to rehydrate dried out skin, yellow clay is blended to help clean out the skins  pores from dust & dirt we collect from day to day.

A great soap for those who live outdoors. Hope to hear from you soon.


1st June 2017

Welcome to winter! and what a chilly start we have. Keep your skin from going dry during the winter season by choosing only body care products that will help your skin retain their moisture. Here at AJBodycare we work hard to ensure our products live up to your expectation.

To help you on your way during the cool winter days whenever you spend $25 or more during the month of June we are offering one of our favourite soaps Lemon Myrtle. Made from Australian extra-virgin olive oil, Australian Yellow Clay, Lemon Myrtle leaves and 100% pure Lemon Myrtle essential oil, always a pleasure to use. Happy Winter!

3rd April 2017

April already and the humid nights are just about gone. Want to try something different? Just spend $25 or more during April and we will send you a bar of our Organic Charcoal soap, Made with Australian extra-virgin olive oil from Cockatoo Grove Victoria, activated coconut charcoal, essential oils of Clary sage and Sweet Orange. A great soap to use all over the body including your hair, will clean your pores and remove any grease and dirt in your hair a really refreshing experience. While washing you will be able to see the charcoal on your skin then it will just simply wash away. Enjoy!


3rd February 2017

Wow! we are now well into 2017 and the summer months are hot. to help your skin to stay smooth and fresh we are offering our Sandalwood soap as free gift when you spend $25 or more during the month of February. Made with both Paprika powder and Sandalwood Bark to insure your skin receives the best care your skin can have.



3rd November 2016


The new look Rosemary soap is fast becoming one of our most popular soap, so we are offering this wonderful soap once again during the month of November.Made with 100% pure Rosemary essential oil, French green clay, ground Rosemary leaves and extra-virgin olive oil, have this soap for free when you spend $25 or more on our web site during this month of November, Cheers!!


4th October 2016

Lemon Myrtle

October has arrived and the warm weather with it. Stay fresh by using our Lemon Myrtle soap when showering, you can have one for free during the month of October when spending $25 or more on our online store (not including freight) Made with Australian yellow clay and Australian extra-virgin olive oil, then scented with 100% pure Australian essential oil, everyone will love this one!

2nd September 2016 Offer for September



Gone is the winter, spring is here and what a great start we have this month for those who love our Happy Hippy hand and body lotion, Purchase one of our Happy Hippy creams along with any one of our soaps of your choice and receive a Happy Hippy Hemp soap (valued at $8) free of change, made from a blend of organic hemp and olive oil, then we add Zeolite (volcanic ash) and the essential oils of Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and sweet orange. A great combination that will leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturised during the sunny days of early spring. Look forward to hear from you soon.

2nd August 2016


Rosemary has been known since ancient times to help with conditions such as chronic fatigue, nervousness and depression just to name a few. When used aromatically it can help restore ones emotional balance. Treat yourself to our famous Rosemary soaps for free when you spend $25 or more on our web site this month, made from 100% pure Rosemary essential oil, Rosemary leaves, French green clay and extra virgin olive oil, hope to hear from you soon!



4th July 2016

Replaces the current picture with same name

Spend $25 or more on our web site during the month of July and receive one free bar of our popular Jatamansi soap. Made with Australian Red and Yellow clay making it a great soap to rehydrate your skin during the dry winter air we have during winter. Hope to hear from you soon.


6th June 2016


My new butterflies and hearts miniature soaps




2nd June 2016


Winter days have finally arrived and dry skin along with it, treat your skin this winter and help your skin with the winter blues by using our famous Goats milk ant Oatmeal soap bar. Made with pure Goats Milk, Olive oil, Pure Honey and of course Oatmeal. Receive one for free this month when you spend $25 or more on any product on our web site during the month of June. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


5th May 2016

Lemon Myrtle

Can you believe it! May is here and no sign of winter here yet on the Gold Coast. Time now to give your skin a real treat, try our Lemon Myrtle soap for free when you spend $25 or more on our web page during the month of May. Made from Australian extra virgin olive oil, Australian Yellow clay and Australian Lemon Myrtle essential oil a true authentic Australian soap. Hope to hear from you soon!


1st April 2016

Coconut lime new

Hello April! Easter has come and gone and here we now in Autumn. Freshen up your skin this month by using our favourite Coconut & Lime soap for free when you spend $ 25 or more on our web site for this month of April.

Made from extra virgin olive oil, French Green clay, Organic coconut cream, Lime essential oil and coconut fragrance. A great soap for shaving with for men or just enjoying the experience of pure pleasure while having a shower. We look forward to hearing from you this month!


4th February 2016

Organic Manuka Honey 15+

February is here already, along with hot muggy days and nights. Treat your skin this month on us by using a bar of our Manuka & olive oil soaps. Made with Manuka honey, olive oil, Turmeric spice, French Yellow clay, Australian Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils. A great soap for helping your skin to stay healthy this summer. Yours for free this month when you spend $25 or more from our online store, we hope to hear from you soon!


5th January 2016

Coffee liquor

Welcome to 2016, we hope you all landed safe and sound and ready for the year ahead. To help you get started we are offering you our newest soap Coffee Liqueur with every order we receive during January that are $25 or more. Made with ground coffee beans, real filtered coffee, sweet orange essential oil and extra virgin olive oil all add up to an enjoyable, invigorating and exfoliating experience.

We look forward to hearing from you during 2016!


2nd December 2015


Wow December here already! and to help you to protect your lips from the dry summer sun we are offering a free lip balm with every order over $25 during the month of December. Made from Organic Coco Butter, Apricot Kernel oil, Macadamia oil and wax, a great way to look after your lips this summer.

Also we a little special offer for this month of December, our way of saying thank you to all our friends out their, with every order regardless of value we will be sending out a free mystery gift. Stay safe out their during the silly season and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

2nd November 2015


Our Lemon Myrtle soap, made from 100% Australian extra virgin olive oil, Australian yellow clay, ground lemon myrtle leaves and of course 100% pure essential oil, the leaves provide a mild exfoliating experience for your skin. What could be more Australian then a lemon myrtle soap in the bathroom? Yours free during the month of November if you spend $25 or more on our website.

2nd October 2015

Octobers offer

Looking for great gift Ideas, well we may just have what you may be looking for at a affordable prices. To help you get started during the month of October with every order over $25 we will be giving away 2 of our most popular soaps.

You will receive 1 Lemon-scented Tea tree guest soap and 1Forest Tones Guest soap, a blend of Cedarwood, Eucalyptus essential oils and French pink clay, sure to please!  We look forward to hearing from.

3rd September 2015

Ylang Ylang

Try my new Ylang Ylang soap free of charge during the month of September when you spend $25 or more, Ylang Ylang aroma has a calming, relaxing feel and has been used since medieval times to help enhance relationships and restore emotional balance. Sure to please!



3rd August 2015

Peppermint Cream

Our new upgraded Peppermint Cream Soap made from 100% extra virgin Olive oil, French white clay and 100% pure Peppermint Essential oil, a truly refreshing scent you will truly enjoy, yours free during the month of August when you spend $25 or more on our online store ( excluding freight )look forward to hearing from you soon.


1st July 2015


The addition of Paprika powder to our Sandalwood soap makes for a excellent mild exfoliating experience without drying out the skin, also acts as a natural body deodorant, yours free during the month of July if you spend $25 or more on our online store!


1st June 2015

Rose Geranium

Can you belief it, winter has arrived along with the chilly conditions that come with June. During the long winter months we sometimes need to reinvigorate our bodies with something that will lift our spirits, for that reason we are offering a free bar of one of our most popular soaps Rose Geranium when you spend $25 or more on any of our products (excluding Freight costs) during this month of June.

Rose Geranium has a sweet, floral fragrance that helps to calm and relax the body and mind.The ancient Egyptians use the oil to help promote beautiful, radiant skin. Hope to hear from you this month.


4th May 2015

Organic Patchouli

What a great offer we have for the month of May! Spend $25 or more on our online store and receive a bar of our brand new Organic Patchouli soap, valued at $6. Patchouli has a wonderful calming, sedating and relaxing aroma allowing to reduce anxiety, the addition of French green and Australia black clays provide a silky cleansing touch for your skin.

Hope to hear from you soon!

2nd April 2015


April has arrived, cooler days are here and a change of lifestyle from the hot summer days. A time when the autumn scents arouse our senses, what a great time to try a new soap for this month, to help you with your decision we are offering our new look  Romance soap, made with French pink clay our duplication of the wonderful Ralph Lauren scent for women. This lavishly floral blend begins with rose, muguet and lilic with a touch of apricot blossom. A heavenly floral blend. Spend $25 or more this month on any product we offer and receive this wonderful soap for free! Have a great break over the Easter break whatever you are doing and we hope to hear from you soon.


3rd March 2015


Here we are in March! Summer gone and Autumn now here, for the first time we are offering a free bar of our handmade Cinnamon Soap for no cost if you purchase $25 or more on any of our products during the month of March.

Made from French Yellow clay, ground Cinnamon sticks, Cinnamon and Sweet Orange essential oils all blended with extra virgin olive oil. Has a sweet, spicy slightly musky aroma you will enjoy!


2nd February 2015

Coconut lime new

Wow! February already, holidays have come and now gone. To help you to keep your skin feeling fresh and clean we are offering a free coconut and lime soap with every order we receive of $25 or more during the month of February, a great soap to help your skin to feel moisturised during these hot and sweaty summer days. we look forward to hearing from you soon!


31st December 2014


Wow! last day of the year, how quick it has come and gone. With all the hot and sweaty months ahead we need something thats going clean and refresh us while in the shower, Our Frazzled Feet soap is also great for that all over clean.Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils help to leave us with that cooled down feeling, the Pumice stone gives your skin a great tingling sensation and the Australian green clay draws all that extra dirt out, the net result is a great wash with a cooled down feeling. Have this soap for free during the month of January 2015 when you spend $25 or more on our on-line store.


28th November 2014

Great news for all our overseas followers we now have, you can now order through our on-line store and have them posted direct to you!

Just use our Direct Debit option fill out any instructions you may have and then follow our simple prompts we have. We will contact you with your freight options that best suit you. Your orders will always be dispatched using Australian Post.

27th November 2014

Coconut and lime scented body lotion productHappy hippy scented body lotionEssential oil soap for a positive and upbeat lift





Our best offer for our followers yet, spend $25 or more during December and receive a complimentary bar of our Rose Geranium soap.

Spent $60 or more and receive your bar of Rose Geranium soap and have a choice of either our Coconut & Lime or Happy Hippy hand and body lotion simply let us know which one you would like to receive by leaving us your choice on the contact page. Have a happy December and stay safe over the silly season. All orders received from this post after 6pm today will receive this offer. Look forward to hearing from you!

2nd November 2014


Looking for something different this month! Try our new Peppermint Soap soon to be released on our web site, made with 100% Pure essential oil, extra virgin olive oil, Australian blue clay and Alkanet Root Powder making it a great soap for minor skin irritations. Try this soap for free during November when you spend $25 on any of our products (excluding freight cost) Keep looking on this page for some great ideas coming up for presents!



16th October 2014

Get excited New Zealand Aj body care is finally here! We are now shipping to NZ for a flat rate of $15 freight charge (upto 2kg) We will contact you and quote the difference if the order exceeds 2kg. So exciting, we are so happy that we can now supply NZ we our amazing deluxe body care range. We hope you enjoy!



2nd October 2014

Organic Lemongrass

October is hear and with the warm weather comes beach time, feel fresh, invigorated and smelling good after a visit to the beach by washing with our Lemongrass soap while showering. Made from 100% Organic extra virgin olive oil from Cockatoo Grove Victoria, French Green clay and 100% pure Organic Lemongrass essential oil.

Receive this bar free during the month of October when you spend $25 or more (excluding freight) online. look forward to hearing from you!


1st September 2014

Lemon myrtle soap with Australian green clay.Feel fresh and lively this first month of spring, and receive a free bar of our Australian lemon myrtle soap with every order made this month over $25 or more, made with 100% Australian extra virgin olive oil, 100% pure Australian lemon myrtle essential oil and yellow clay.


1st August 2014

Herbal Toothpaste $6.00

Spend $25 or more during August and receive a tube of our organic herbal toothpaste absolutely free, lovely cinnamon and clove scent. Try and you will be hooked!

10th July 2014

Check out our new page on carrier oils and find one that is right for you. This page along with the Himalayan crystal and French clays page provides our customers and friends with a complete guide to our products that helps you to find exactly what you are looking for before you make your decision.

I am always open to new ideas so please let me know if you have any I would love to hear from you!


2nd July 2014

Essential oil soap for a positive and upbeat lift

Spend $25 or more on our web site during the month of July and receive a free bar of one of our most popular bars of soap Rose Geranium, made with french pink clay, 100% essential oil and extra virgin olive oil.


29th May 2014

Himalayan Crystal salt

Great news! As our friends and customers all know we have been using Himalayan Crystal Salt in our Body Care Scrubs for some time now, we have been explaining about the benefits of crystal salt to our friends at the markets for some time, and we have decided to add a page to our web site to explain to our on-line friends how this incredible salt can be used. You can also find the Crystal Salt and purchase on-line from our soap page.

27th May 2014


Spend $25 or more during June and receive 2 of our new guest soaps, not yet on the net, surprise your guests with a fabulous bar of one of our natural soaps with our compliments!

We will be adding to our soap range the successful Romance bar and also you will soon find himalayan crystal salt available online along with many hints for use with our health. Hope to hear from you soon, all the best during the month of June!

30th April 2014


Hello to all our loyal customers, with Easter now behind us we are well into the year and with winter fast approaching and the cold winds drying out our skin we may need to take a closer look at our skin care. Spend $25 or more and receive a free bar of our new soap Romance, not yet listed on the net yet.

A incredible duplication of the wonderful Ralph Lauren scent for women, a truly heavenly floral blend.

1st February 2014

OatmealSpend $25 or more during the month of February and receive at no cost to you a free bar of our Goats Milk, oatmeal and honey soap, excellent to use as a gentle exfoliate for the face and body.

You will notice also a new page titled Essential Oils, very soon we will be offering on this page some of the best essential oils available, keep looking they will be there soon. Have a good month and we look forward from hearing from you soon!

1st January 2014

Welcome to the new year,it seems that we only just started 2013 and yet here we are at the start of 2014. To start of the new year we are offering a free unscented Lip Balm valued at $8.00 with every order of $25.00 or more during the month of January.
Natural Lip Balm

During the new year we will be updating our web site to include our range of Essential Oils  that we use in the making of our soaps and Body Care products and we will be making our site more informative for our customers to include such things as making your own soap classes.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and stay safe on the roads as we all return home from holidays.

29 November 2013

Welcome to December, to end the year we have a great offer! We have upgraded our Lavender goats milk and now use Australian Organic Olive Oil and pure Organic Lavender Nimbin Valley Goats Milk also we have now selected a higher grade of Lavender Essential Oil. Buy $25 or more on our online store and try our new Organic Lavender Goats Milk for Free! We will include one bar with every order valued over $25.

Just a extra word I would like to add, remember that we are in that time of year when we need to be more  careful on the roads, lets be more conscience about when we drive and who might be on the roads. Hope to see or hear from you soon!


We have a new exciting page coming soon and will include all the updates as to why we use the clay’s that we have selected in our soaps and bodycare, also we will be offering a range of clay’s that you will be able to include in your orders. Keep watching!

29 October 2013

Welcome to November! Yes once again the end of the year is almost upon us. Here at AJBodycare we have many gifts you can choose from that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.To help you with your decisions we are offering one of our best soap when you spend $25 or more on our online store.


Rosemary & Petitgrain. Originating in Southern France and Tunisia Rosemary has a clear and penetrating aroma, with a hint of camphor and herbs, it also helps the skin retain suppleness and moisture. Petitgrain has a soft, lingering fragrance, with woody/floral overtones, one of the three oils that come from the orange tree. When blended together it offers a refreshing, calming feeling in times of stress and anxiety.

We look forward to hearing from you during November and including one of these great soaps in your order.

30 September 2013

October is here and so is the warm weather, beaches and sun for the next 6 months. Now is the time to take a look at your skin care products and ask yourself are they doing the job you want them to do?  Are looking to have a change ? Then have a look at our new range of skincare products were you will find one that is just right for you ! To help you to keep you that way during the month of October with every internet order of $25.00 or more of soap or body care we are continuing our September offer of including a free bar of our new Organic Olive oil bar with your order.

Have a look at our new range of Organic Soaps and Bodycare and look out for more as we continue to look at new ways to improve our products.


26 August 2013

Organic soap with French green clay

Organic soap with French green clay

Would you believe it, September is here already and with the hope of warm sunny days ahead, here at AJs we have been busy coming up with new soaps and bodycare that will make a real difference to the care of your skin.

Check out the information pages on the soap and bodycare pages to find out about these exciting new ingredients!

Be one of the first to try one of our new Organic Olive Oil Soaps during the month of September by spending $25.00 or more on our site and then receive this 100% Organic Soap for no additional cost to you. Fragrance free and blended with French green clay for those who want the best care for their skin, we look forward to hearing from you!

Check out our new Blog page that I am still figuring out, find yourself on our Blog and come in and claim your mystery prize. Have a good week!


15/August 2013

Check out our product information bodycare and soap pages to discover the exciting things that are happening here at AJ Bodycare. Like to know more just drop us a line love to hear from you. John and Ann AJ Bodycare.

30 July 2013

Shampoo BarBe the first to try our newest soap not listed yet on our web site,(and now made with 100% Certified Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil), we call it our shampoo bar for hair a rich combination of 100% extra Virgin oil, French Yellow clay and the essential oils of Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Lavender makes this a must for all those looking for a chemical free way of looking after their hair. This soap is yours for free when you spend $ 25 or more during August.( excluding postage) Also check out our new Organic Shea butter Soap on the soap page a must for all those looking for the very best, we hope you a good month of August and look forward to hearing from you soon. John & Ann Ajbodycare.

News update 29/06/13

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASomething new and different for the month of July spend $25 or more on any of your favourite soaps or body care and receive this environmentally friendly toothbrush absolutely Free. Made from bamboo and bio-degradable bristles this toothbrush is sure to impress. Look forward to hearing your comments on any of our products that we can share on our web page, we will send a Free mystery gift for your time. Have a good day Ann and John.

News update 27/05/13

June is here and with it cold days and wind, so to help combat the dryness to our lips caused by the chilly winds we are offering a FREE 15g Lip Balm pot with each order of $25.00 or more valued at $8.00. This offer is valued for all orders received during the month of June, check out our body care page for more details about our lip balms and you might also find one of our great Body Butters which help our skin cope with the dry air that comes with winter. Don’t miss out!

We hope to hear from you soon John & Ann


News update 2/05/13

Hello to all our valued friends and customers who follow us both at the markets and on this site. To make this month interesting we are going to start a monthly offer to both reward and provide incentive to use our web site. For the month of May on any online purchase of $25 or more at no cost to you we will enclose a bar of our new soap not yet available on
















Soap with Bulgarian Rose, Calla lily and orange blossom.

News update 16/04/13

Hello to all our readers who follow us on this page, as you all know we at Ajbodycare are allways striving to increase the quality of our products, our focus has allways been to provide the best quality skin care at a affordable price. So you will be interested to know that our new season Body Butters are now made with Certified Organic Butter. Shea Butters qualities can be damaged by the chemicals used to refine the butter thus reducing the benefit to your skin Organic Shea Butter undergoes a natural steam process which maintains the butters full benefit, read more about our Shea Butter on our Product Info Page.  Look out for more new soaps and products coming soon.

John & Ann

News letter dated 25/03/13

Hello to all our valued customers and readers, as stated on my last blog I have added a new page that you can access on the soap and bodycare products. We have opened this page so we can progressively help our customers to better understand our products and the thinking behind the ingredients we select to ensure that our bodycare products are the best we can offer. We hope that you find these pages helpful and hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks John & Ann

New letter dated 22/03/13

Hello once again to everyone who follows us on this page, I have some exciting news coming about our web page. You may notice that we have added a new link on the soap and bodycare page titled product info, we have introduced this page so we can provide you with more information about the way in which we take great care in selecting our ingredients for each product and the way in which we make our bodycare products, stay with me as I progressively bring this page up to date.We hope you will find this page very usefull.

Our new soap named after the two essential oils Rosemary & Petigrain is a great combination that help the skin retain suppleness and moisture, the Rosemary has a clear and penetrating aroma, while the Petigrain has a soft lingering frangrance.A great success soap at the markets so far.

Also note now our new Scented women collection on the soap page two very popular soaps sure to please. New changes are still on their way and will keep you posted. Hope to hear from you soon, or see you at the markets.

Have a great day

John & Ann

New letter dated 7/03/13

Hello everyone who follows us on this page, Yes I know I have been slow to post new newsletters on this page regarding our new products and changes to our exsisting ones. I have resolved to write a new letter each week from now on to keep all our valued customers up to date with all that is happening with our soaps and bodycare products from now on, we are constantly striving to improve our products and our biggest change to date is to our Body Scrubs you will note that they are no longer made with sea salt but Himalayan Crystal Salt, more on that later.

Some new soaps will be added soon I will keep you posted, but first you may notice that Tatitian Vanilla has been replaced by Angel, and Sweet Cakes has been replaced by Curious, you will love the changes they are very popular at the markets and exceed all our expections.

OK why Himalayan Crystal Salt in the body scrubs? We must remember that everything we put on our skin enters our body within 20 seconds, sea salt while having a high mineral content is not easily broken down by the body, Himalayan Crystal Salt however is easily metabolized by the body and has a positive energetic effect and also contains overy 200 trace elements and minerals. The nett result is a much better Body Scrub.